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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Should we bring screen screen?

A: Bring sunscreen - DO NOT bring ANY spray-on sunscreen or brands with self

tanners in them as they will stain the boat and you may be subject to cleaning fees.

Q: What kind of shoes should we wear?

A: Bring flip flops, boat shoes, tennis shoes or just go barefoot – DO NOT bring high

heels or platform shoes that may cause you to lose balance, sprain an ankle, or trip and fall. NO

dress shoes that may scuff the boat.

Q: What type of clothing should we wear?

A: Bring layers of clothing (including sunglasses, short sleeved shirt, light jacket or

sweater and swim suit,) as they can be stowed in one of the cabins and used as needed – DO

NOT bring clothes with sharp objects on the “rear end” (e.g. rhinestones, aggressive rivets)

which may scratch gelcoat or puncture seats.

Q: Can we bring cameras, cell phones, or music players?

A: Bring your camera. DO bring any music you may want to listen to. The boat has a Blue Tooth radio, Sirius XM, a CD player and has a jack for an iPod/MP3 player (please bring your own cord) as well as USB ports for recharging.

Q: Can we bring our own food and beverages?

A: Yes you can bring your own food and drinks aboard.  Beverages in glass bottles are allowed.  The boat has a small 6.7 cu. ft. refrigerator to store food. There is also a large 128 quart chest-type cooler that will fit approximately 3-4 cases of your favorite beverage (give or take). We also have a small 1.5 cu. ft. (45 quart) freezer onboard. You may want to bring a bag of ice (available at the marina office) to fill this. It is best to try to fit most food/drinks you have in these two units rather than have a lot of coolers around which tend to get in the way with large groups.

Q: Can we bring beverages in glass bottles onboard?

A: Yes you may bring glass bottles aboard.  However, use caution.  Bottles must be secured at all times when they are not in hand.  A catamaran is very stable, but all boats pitch due to wave actions.

Q: Can you suggest some places that we can order food to bring onboard?

A: There are some local establishments that offer online ordering.  Simply order your food online and pick it up on the way to the boat.  Or contact us and arrange for us to pick it up and have it waiting for you at the boat.  You find their information on our website under Catering: http://www.captainrob.net/catering.html.

Q: Are they any safety concerns we should be aware of?

A: “Keep one hand for yourself and one hand for the ship”:  Keep at least one hand on a hand hold or safety rail as you move about the boat. The boat will have at least one life vest aboard per person although we do not keep life vests in stock for children, parents are responsible for bringing the proper size vest for their child. The boat is also equipped with flares, bells, horns, and everything needed for a safe journey. The captain will go through a short safety briefing with everyone when you board.

Q: Are their toilets onboard?

A: Their are two onboard.  Marine toilets (called "heads" on boats) are not always flushed or operated in the same way as household toilets. Follow the crew’s instructions on how to use them correctly. 

Q: Are their electrical outlets onboard?

A: Yes there are two types of electrical outlets onboard.  There are outlets dedicated to to 120 volt AC when the boat is plugged into shore power.  There are other outlets that use inverters to convert 12 volt DC power to 120 volt AC power.

Q: Is there somewhere onboard where I can recharge my mobile phone?

A: There are 4 USB recharging ports onboard and a 12 Volt DC socket to plug in a car charger.  There are outlets that use inverters to convert 12 volt DC power to 120 volt AC power when we are underway.

Q: Is fresh water and showers available onboard?

A: We carry adequate, but limited, fresh water for washing and showers, plus rinse-offs on the stern after swimming. Always use water conservatively.

Q: Can we smoke onboard?

A: Due to recent developments, we had to end allowing smoking onboard.

Q: Are pets allowed?

A: Sorry no pets are allowed.

Q: Is there a grill onboard?

A:  We have a small Magma propane grill.  The grilling area is 162 sq. in. or a 9” by 18” area.  Care must be use when grilling.  Fat and juices may flare up and burn.  Fire on a boat is never a good thing.  Only lean cuts of meat should be grilled.

Q:  Is there a microwave onboard?

A: No we don’t have a microwave at this time.

Q:  Is there a blender onboard?

A:  Yes we have a blender.  Great for making boat drinks.

Mobile Phone:  609-923-1355